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Simply brilliant and inspiring.
This is exaclty why we all play games!
It's not about the ending, it´s about what you learned, felt and experienced through the process of play. You feel part of something much bigger, where your role is crucial.
Once again, beautiful and an instant fav <3

Congrats for the well applied pixelated illustrations, animation and the magnificent lyrics that we will sing for generations to come ( ^ A^ )9

Good Noir, Bad Colors

Great voice acting, good plot, but the animation wasn´t the best piece here on newgrounds.
It is usual that noir movies and animations dance around with a palette of blacks, and sometimes reds due to recent influences like sin city (even though on comic books thats a much older tendency).
Anywho, i didn´t appreciate the color balance, it just seemed to have been done randomly and without care. The characters outlines also seemed too ruff for this type of story, but i really liked the casual blurs that accentuated proximity or distance. Really well done.
Ah, also, Gigi's voice seemed really adquit to the part, but sounded really low...i don´t know if it was on purpose.
And a big clap to whoever took care of the typography. Nice choice ;3

I would love to see something of the gender again, but a little more detailed. Good work :D

ScaredyDave responds:

Thanks for your critique! I always like improving where I can. The only thing I wanted to point out is that the characters were all assigned colors for reasons. Vic was blue because he was the good guy and blue usually represents that. Gigi was red like the devil because of her dark side. Mackey was yellow because he was a coward, Tony Piper (the dealer) was brown because he was a brown noser. Donavan King was purple because that's the color of royalty, and all the Mugs were green with envy of the people who were in charge.

I normally do more detailed work, but TOFA is a timed thing and I essentially only had 2 weeks to animate 6 minutes of animation, but I'm hoping with my next entry to fix that, because I will have more time to do less work. And that clap would go to me lol, with the exception of half the script and the voice acting, that was all me. Again, thank you for your critique, I do read all of them and take to heart what is suggested so that I may better myself for the future.

Oooh, no food for you, big viking :D

Very good animation! The part i enjoyed more was when the character moved towards the tree, on a very far perspective, because you didn´t use black lines to define the character or background. It was much more clean and vibrant, with a great sense of color and ligh. Plus, the concept was hilarious. Maybe to maintain the humorous effect you should use lines with colors a little darker than the base, but still on the same pantone variation. Maybe that will work :B

Welcome to newgrounds and hey, add more promissing animations to your gallery ;3

Brutalleschi responds:

I'll have to try this next time.

Thanks for the idea!

weeee <3

Thank you so much for doing this compilations.
theyre really cool and funny xD


Fillers must make BOOM!

the best: sasukes voice.
SO priceless.

hes such a big sissy xD

Im just a little sad because you both chose the lamest filler EVER in history of naruto. I almost died of boredom while seeing all the 5 episodes or so of this filler story. Hm, you could make a animation about that.

"when fillers die". Ahhh.....happy cherry life! <3
Anyways, great subs ;3

beat people yeah!

aww....to bad trick or treat is a american tradition. We dont have that here *sigh*
but we can beat people with rubber hammers in St. John! 8DDDD

Anyways, great again xD
youre my animation icon *w*

Just yay!



This was beauuuutiful xD
Still, i love all the transformers movies, the revenge of the fallen was no exeption 83

good parody xD


Yah know...i have shown this to a group of friends of mine in my university, months ago, and now we even make a chorus singing this! xD

this is so catchy damnit!

Almost all of your works are amazing. You are a great creator.
Got a fan here ;3

yay, transformers! <3

there shoud be a way to only see some of the videos, and NOT all of them again. Specially because some of them are not that funny xD and others are hilarious x3

anyways hurray for collabs!

My Blurbing life! Yays. xD one day you shall all see my comic|animation series! Not yet...too soon... *plotting hands* still much work to be done -__-

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