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Very Addictive <3

...My butterfree shines? And has green eyes? .__.
Well, this is new ahahah xD
I really do appreciate this type of gameplay for pokemon, its much more visceral and interactive. Even so, the pokemon windows and the giant pokeball are very UNNERVING because they cover a part of the levels and also pokemons (heck, sometimes i need to be fast to change them of place, and this surely doesnt help!), and that blocks the concentration of the player.

That might be the only correction i might point: the interactive elements shouldnt be on top of other elements that need to be controlled.
Keep it up ;3


complete awesomeness.

yays! 8D

I spent my entire day playing this. Gesh.
LOL it was completly addictive! well done!

.not having a overall map (sometimes while playing a person forgets some areas)
.not showing to the player that he ended the game
.no medals

.very cute characters
.nice "levels"
.no bugs and awesome gameplay

More games like this, MORE! <3

so beautiful <3

Ah....this was so sweet to play. It was a nice change from those kill-all-you-can-games. NG has a lot of those, but this is just so relaxing...it sure gave me some nice hours of gameplay :3

oh, and the way the fox jumps is so well animated, it just makes me giggle xD and well drawn too. The little tail bouncing gave him a much more realistic look. Fwuffly wittle tail yeah x333

Great work <3


this game is quite entertaining. i liked the flow and the way the plot was designed. Very interesting indeed. Yet, it was too easy. The mechanic was the only character that didnt answer the investigator's questions and the game was pretty much just talking to people...it could be a little more like monkey island (interaction with objects is much much more entertaining 8B). Still, it was a very good shot, and im pretty sure that youre capable of doing even more elaborate games.

And, the characters could be a little more worked-up.

oh, and that creepy girl with the ballon looks like its coming on a sequel no?
Hm...that would be interesting xD

If you want to see a game with a really good plot, try Mystery Case Files. You might be amazed by the layout, scenes and creeepy story..... x3 maybe it will inspire you 8D
Just a hint, you might like it ;3


Lets see, this was a very cute game. LOVED the begining, the way the creators did everything in record time while fighting monsters was hilarious xD the voices were very well put too.

the game itself has potencial and its quite simple, but too short.
the zebra was really sweetly animated and sure could come on some more elaborate games ;3

keep it up 8B


oh i miss so much this games! Giant pixels hurray!
the start was a pain in the neck, but then a person gets it xD

great game x333

fine puzzle game :3

ah...i missed playing some good puzzle games. its interesting, it has a very similiar interaction as in Womans Murder Club, and at the same time a very unique language, very fancy and elegant just like in Grim Fandango. jazz is always a great choice for bg music x3

its pitty that its so short, but was a very entertaining moment. good work!

My Blurbing life! Yays. xD one day you shall all see my comic|animation series! Not yet...too soon... *plotting hands* still much work to be done -__-

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